IMAG[IN]ING CITIES opens in Karachi | Vernissage d'IMAG[IN]ING CITIES à Karachi


The first manifestation of SPARCK’s IMAG[IN]ING CITIES project took the form of a massively-attended two-day happening on 21 and 22 February held at the Amin Gulgee Gallery in Karachi, Pakistan. The first of its kind: A SPARCK / Amin Gulgee Gallery collaboration, it highlights the work of over 50 artists from Africa and South Asia working in three media: video, photography and sound installation.

Le projet IMAG[IN]ING CITIES connait sa première manifestation à la Amin Gulgee Gallery les 20 et 21 février à Karachi, au Pakistan. Vidéo, photo et installations son: il prend la forme d'un vaste happening qui met en scène les travaux de plus de 50 artistes d'Afrique et d'Asie du Sud.


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