Event: Rumos Seminar
- Languages of Culture,
the Challenges of
Informal Education
Hosted by: Itaú Cultural
Dates: 14-18 April 2009
Location: São Paulo | Brazil


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Kadiatou Diallo was invited to speak at the Rumos Seminar in São Paulo, Brazil, hosted by Itaú Cultural, an institute dedicated to research about, support for and dissemination of intellectual-artistic events. This year’s seminar was entitled Languages of Culture and was a platform developed to facilitate exchange between arts and culture practitioners worldwide. Participants were activists from across Brazil and three invited speakers from Asia, Europe and Africa (Sangeeta Isvaran, dancer, choreographer and researcher from India; Jean Hurstel (France), director of a community-oriented, urban culture network called Banlieues d’Europe; and Kadiatou Diallo for SPARCK). The focus of this exchange was on the potential of art as a tool in education (informal education specifically) and social change, on art as a translator across social spheres and on the role of artistic practice in bringing humanistic perspectives and values into the discourse on social engagement.